10 Tips for Nepali Youth


1. Learn how to use computer right from studying 11/12. By learning skills like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, general design, Nepali type at least in computer, you are one level ahead of others.
2. If you have a morning college, do an internship in a field that matches your studies right from your bachelors. Search for opportunities in the field related to the subject. If you have a smartphone and internet access, you can search for opportunities around the world.
3. It’s up to you whether you get memes, trolls or opportunities in your feed when you’re on social media. So make it a habit to like organizations, companies and informative pages rather than troll pages so that you can get information about opportunities even when you use social media. From Facebook to Tik Tok, everyone has accounts reporting such opportunities, search wisely.
4. Take online courses at your leisure. Now many sites are conducting free online classes.
5. Many have given full attention to studies as they cannot bring a good division. If you have passed Masters degree in a specific category but have no work experience, it will be difficult to compete in the job market. Neither the time nor the responsibility allows you to do an internship after doing your Masters. So, if you do internship right from bachelors, your experience will gradually increase and by the time you complete your masters, you will have both experience and qualifications. As a result, there is a lot of possibility to excel in the competition.
6. Even if you want to become an entrepreneur, it is better to learn by working in a company in a related field for a few years. Such experience helps you to become a successful and good entrepreneur.
7. Even if you want to get an international education, many universities and diplomatic missions are offering scholarships. Students with good marks and experience in the relevant field can easily get such scholarships. If you prepare yourself in advance by looking for such opportunities to study abroad for free, you have a high chance of making your dream come true.
8. Even if you are in a relationship, bring your career together. Pay attention to studies. Do not focus only on love and marriage. Think about marriage only after you are independent. Life is not like a movie. Where the movie ends, the real battle of life begins. For a happy and happy life, the financial side should also be strong, life does not run on love alone. Make both sides balanced.
9. Don’t forget to enjoy while earning. Being self-sufficient and looking at the world with your own earnings is different. Especially girls, be independent and spare some time to fulfill your dreams and travel the world. After marriage, such opportunities are rare. The world is wide and life is uncertain.
10. Listen to your heart rather than following someone’s suggestion. Dream and map the way to get there. Until you know where you are going, you don’t even know where you have arrived. Be kind and good. If you like the suggestions given by me, share them, if you don’t like them, ignore them, but don’t come to argue unnecessarily that this is wrong.

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