A baby learns to speak quickly when read to

A baby learns to speak quickly when read to

From two weeks of birth to nine months, if a few pages of a book are read to the baby every day, their language development will be accelerated. Children begin to understand words quickly. Such children learn to speak in nine months.

Recently, this was stated in a study by John C., a researcher at the Edwards School of Medicine at Marshall University. According to research, reading a few pages of a book every day can improve the speaking skills of babies aged 12 months and younger.

A set of 20 books was given to some parents involved in this research published in the Journal of the American Board of Family Medicine. There were especially books on language development and pictures. All parents consented to the child’s receptiveness and language testing during the biweekly wellness checkup.

Most parents were given a target of reading one book a day. Then within a year unexpected results came. The receptivity of such infants was higher than that of children who were not read any books. The researcher is excited about the results of this research.

The researcher said, it is necessary to read a book every day, let’s read more than one book a week, because of this the understanding of the language develops rapidly. This also develops a deep relationship between parents and children. Similarly, the child’s brain power and language skills are also strengthened.

From the time the baby is 24 days old, he can recognize even a slight change in rhythm. They can even recognize the voices of different family members. If a five-month-old baby listens to music every day, he can recognize the sound as soon as he hears it.

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