A disease caused by exposure to pigeons


The infection caused by pigeons or other birds is called Pigeon Breeder’s Disease. It is a serious type of lung infection. It is also called Bird Fancier’s Disease, Pofarmer’s Lungs. In medical terms, it is called sensitive pneumonitis (HP). HP is a type of interstitial lung disease (ILD). This breath is produced when organic matter comes into contact with antigens. In some cases, this condition is also caused by coming into contact with bacteria.

The danger of these diseases is only for those who come in contact with pigeons. Those who feed the pigeons, come in contact with their faeces, such people can get this disease. Lung infection is checked by city scan, pulmonary function testing machine and bronchoscopy. After getting this disease, asthmatic attack, serious lung infection, cold etc. It also causes fibrotic lung disease. Therefore, to avoid diseases spread by pigeons, the place where the pigeons live should be hung, regular cleaning and pigeon breeding should be controlled.

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