A gel mattress that feels cool in summer

A gel mattress that feels cool in summer

We take many measures to keep the house cool during the summer season. We buy fans instead of expensive ACs, which increases our electricity bills. But a cheap AC has come in the market, which middle class families can afford. Its name is cooling gel mattress, which is very beneficial in summer season. Its price ranges from 700 to 2500 baht. The company claims that you won’t feel hot when you sleep on this mattress and you won’t need any AC or cooler.

How to use? The gel mattress topper should be placed under your fitted mattress. The gel absorbs body heat and helps dissipate heat. No machine is used in it, so no electricity is required. The cooling gel in this mattress provides cooling to the body.

It is advised not to spread it on the ground. In summer, when we sleep in the bed, the bed heats up due to the heat released from our body, but the mattress with cooling gel helps to keep the body cool by absorbing the heat of our body.

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