A part of the sun broke off from the surface


A large part of the Sun has broken off from its surface and is now swirling around it like a tornado, leaving scientists baffled and trying to figure out how it happened. This event was recorded by NASA’s James Webb Telescope. This video was shared by space weather forecaster Dr. Tamita Scope on Twitter.

Solar flares (high energy radiation) are coming out from the sun. This affects the communication of the earth and scientists are worried and trying to understand how this situation affects the earth.

Dr Skov tweeted – Let’s not talk about the whirlpool. A section near the North Pole has broken off from the main filament and is now swirling around the Sun as a large vortex. Above 55 degrees, it cannot be overstated to understand the atmospheric dynamics of the sun.

Scott McIntosh, a solar physicist at the US National Center for Atmospheric Research, told Space.com that such a vortex had never been seen after a solar flare. He has been researching the Sun for decades.

According to NASA, there have been several such incidents before, but this new incident has raised concerns. Space scientists are now collecting more information about this strange phenomenon. Due to this, the Sun is being monitored around the clock. A medium-sized solar flare caused a shortwave radio blackout over the Pacific Ocean last Tuesday, according to a report from SpaceWeather.com.

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