A person who earns two thousand from one rupee


We go to the shop, buy the necessary goods, when we take it back, the shop gives us chocolate or some other item saying that it is not retail, we take one/two rupees. But in Bengaluru, India, a person went to the consumer court for one rupee.

A bus conductor did not return a single rupee to that person. Then the person went to the court. The court not only praised the petitioner but also ordered the Bengaluru Metropolitan Transport Corporation to pay Rs 2,000 as compensation.

Let’s remember that our elders used to say that one rupee can buy a lot. Even now, many things are available in the market for one rupee. We have seen that the price of an item is 999 but we pay 1000 and leave 1 rupee. By doing this, the seller collects a lot of money per year.

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