A unique technique to get rid of brain fog problem


After the corona epidemic, the word brain fog has come into vogue. According to health experts, people infected with the virus are being forgotten. This is a side effect of Corona. People are using strange methods to get rid of it.

What is Brain Fog: It is not a medical problem in itself, but rather a side effect of it. In brain fog, a person’s behavior changes quickly. In this case, people always have problems like fatigue, irritability, depression, headache, lack of interest in any work, lack of sleep and forgetfulness of small things.

Some are using at-home brain stimulation techniques to get rid of brain fog. In this, sitting at home, the body is given an electric shock so that the speed of the mind is as fast as before. Electrodes are attached to the head in the technique. From that, electric shocks are gradually given to the brain. According to the scientist, its science is in the initial stage. Brain stimulation has been used since the decade of 2010.

A study on this was published in the journal Nature Neuroscience in August last year. 150 people aged 65 to 88 years participated in it. They had some kind of neurological disorder. They were given four shocks a week for 20 minutes each. This went on for a month. According to the scientist participating in the study, after some time this technology will not be limited to hospitals, it will reach homes. And this is proving to be true.

Researchers say that this technology could be used in the future like caffeine. In other words, as today people drink tea and coffee to increase brain activity, in the same way one day you will shock the brain. Users who use brain stimulation technology at home say that they are benefiting from it. Their minds have become more aware than before.

Brain stimulation techniques are generally used in hospitals under the supervision of doctors. Doctors are worried about its use at home today. Aina Wexler, a professor at the University of Pennsylvania, said that there has been an increase in the trend of curing mental health disorders through brain stimulation at home. Depression and anxiety are at the top.

Users use the at-home brain stimulation device twice a day for 20 minutes. According to Michael Fox, a doctor at Howard Medical School, the practice of treating mental health at home has increased. However, it may have some side effects. This includes itching, burning and burning of the skin. It is correct to use technology in medical supervision.

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