AI’s previous step is text to video


Chatzipity has gained a lot of fame since its inception. When it comes to generic artificial intelligence, the name of ChatZipity comes to the top today. Similarly, text to image is already in use. But now text to video tool has also come.

What is Text to Video AI? With its help, you can generate artificial intelligence-powered videos based on your words. US based startup Runway has showcased its Gen-2 model.

In September 2022, Meta introduced the Make a Video tool, which uses Make a Video’s generative AI to create videos. With just a few words or lines of text, it creates a video, but the video has no sound. Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO of Meta, has said about this – Making a video is much more difficult than making a picture because in addition to generating each pixel correctly, the system also has to predict how it will change over time.

Google has also announced the same within a week. Google’s generative AI model is called Image Video. Also, when we give text, it creates a high resolution video using technology. Apart from this, Google has introduced another model called Fenaki, whose purpose is to create long videos based on text input.

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