Alcohol changes a baby’s face

Alcohol changes a baby’s face

Health experts around the world always advise pregnant women not to drink alcohol. Because of this, alcohol has a bad effect on the child. Recently, scientists from the Erasmus Medical Center in the Netherlands have researched this issue. According to research, drinking just one glass of wine in a week can cause permanent changes in a child’s face.

In the research, the scientist studied 200 facial features of 5600 school children. This was possible with the help of 3D imaging and deep learning algorithms. Some of these children’s mothers had consumed alcohol during pregnancy, while some had not. According to research, drinking only 12 grams of alcohol in a week can permanently change a child’s face.

When the researchers analyzed, there were many changes in the baby’s face from a little alcohol after conception. It showed a short nose, hollows under the eyes and protruding chin. The more alcohol a pregnant woman consumes, the more profound this change is in the baby. This is especially the case with such mothers, who used to drink alcohol during pregnancy and three months before that. Fetal alcohol spectrum disorder is suspected in the child due to alcohol consumption during pregnancy. This affects the child’s face as well as the brain. The child may be mentally weak. There may also be problems in their behavior. Therefore, women are asked to stay away from alcohol for the safety of the growing baby.

Previous research has looked at the effects of 70 grams of alcohol per week on pregnant women. A similar result was found in that too. Health experts say that any amount of alcohol is harmful to the fetus and child.

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