Arjuna’s Bark Heart Attack Shield

Arjuna’s Bark Heart Attack Shield

The outer layer of the branch of Arjuna tree is called Arjuna Bark. The scientific name of Arjuna tree is Terminalia arjuna. The branches of this tree are used as Ayurveda medicine. By consuming it, the risk of blockage, stroke is reduced and it is also beneficial in angina. Ayurveda expert Dr. Amit Sen has told about the benefits of Arjuna bark.

According to a research, there is a chemical called triterpenoid in the bark of Arjuna. It is because of this chemical that Arjuna bark keeps away heart related problems. It also relieves chest pain caused by high blood pressure and cholesterol as well as heart attack.

If there is a problem of UTI, consumption of Arjuna bark is very beneficial. Arjuna bark has antibacterial properties. Due to this property, Arjuna bark can destroy bacteria that cause urinary tract infections.

The triterpenoids in Arjun bark also have antihypertensive properties. It helps in controlling high blood pressure. Arjuna bark is very beneficial for stomach ulcers. It has gastroprotective and cytoprotective properties. This property of Arjuna bark relieves stomach ulcers.

Arjuna bark should not be consumed by pregnant women and people taking high blood pressure medication. If you are on a special diet, you should consume it only on the advice of a health professional.

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