Bathing like this in summer keeps you fresh throughout the day


After facing the hot sun, sweat and dust in the summer season, only one thought comes to mind – you have to take a bath. In summer, when a drop of cold water falls on the body, the body begins to dance. After bathing, the body feels refreshed, body odor, rashes, skin allergies and other skin related problems start to heal.

In summer, you should bathe with fresh plain water and you can also mix something in the water to stay energetic throughout the day. Bathing with neem leaves or neem oil mixed with water does not cause skin problems etc. Similarly, taking a bath mixed with fresh rose leaves brings joy to both the body and the mind and removes the bad smell of sweat from the body.

Mixing jasmine flowers in the bath water gives you peace of mind and reduces stress levels. Similarly, bathing with water mixed with turmeric during the summer season does not cause many diseases. Turmeric-water has antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties. All these properties get rid of pimples, pimples on the face, blemishes etc. and also brightens the skin.

A national (A) class daily newspaper published from Birganj

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