Benefits of sitting in the moonlight


Just as the morning sun is very beneficial for the body, sitting in the moonlight improves physical and mental health. Moonlight creates positive thinking and reduces stress. The mind is focused on work and meditation. Shrey Sharma, Ayurvedacharya of Ramhans Charitable Hospital, Sirsa, says about the benefits of moonlight:

Less stress: Sitting in the moonlight makes you feel relaxed and if your stress level is high, it decreases. Anxiety and fatigue are reduced. All types of stress and depression are reduced.

Bile reduction: According to Ayurveda, sitting in June at night helps to reduce Bile. If you have a pitta nature, always staying at night in June will reduce the body heat and also reduce the symptoms of pitta increase.

The body remains cold: In summer, the body temperature increases, so the body temperature is normal when staying at night in June. The body feels cold. People who are very hot should stay in June.

Better sleep: Sitting in the moonlight improves the quality of sleep. If you have sleep related problems, sitting in June will give you relief and reduce stress. The mind and heart remain calm, which makes sleep better.

Concentrates: Due to stress, insomnia and many other problems, the mind is not engaged in any work. After this, spending some time in June will help you focus on all kinds of work.

A national (A) class daily newspaper published from Birganj

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