Bio-gel for the damaged heart

Bio-gel for the damaged heart

The number of deaths due to heart attack has increased in the last few months. Eka Care has released a report on health trends in 2022. The report analyzed the medical health care records of 5 million people. According to the report, the number of deaths due to heart attack and especially at a young age is continuously increasing. Similarly, according to another research report, the number of deaths due to heart disease in the world has reached 17.9 million. Out of this, 35.80 lakh deaths occurred in India alone.

According to doctors, most people do not pay much attention to heart repair after a heart attack. After a heart attack, the heart becomes weak. The heart muscle, lining and valves are damaged. Due to this, the second heart attack proves to be fatal for him. Scientists have prepared a biogel that can easily repair damage to the heart caused by a heart attack. This biogel has also been successfully tested.

According to scientists, biogel is very thick. Before using it on the patient, it is diluted with sterile water. Then it is delivered to the body of the heart attack victim through an injection. According to the Dailymail report, biogel starts repairing the damaged part of the heart after reaching the body. After a heart attack, some parts of the heart are torn apart and the blood vessels are also damaged. The biogel reaches the body and repairs the blood vessels that supply blood to the whole body and the incisions in the heart and returns them to their original position.

Scientists tested this biogel on rats and pigs. Preparations are also being made to test it on humans within a year. According to the group of scientists conducting research, biogel increases the growth rate of human cells and quickly heals wounds in the heart and blood vessels after a heart attack. In tests conducted on mice, Biogel reduced the swelling in their bodies. He also repaired the damaged parts. Also, when it was tested on rats in the case of brain injury, this gel also worked in cases of severe brain injury, pain and pulmonary arterial hypertension.

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