By 2030, robots will do 40 percent of household work



Science and technology have changed the world. Now, due to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the speed of this change has accelerated. It is possible that the world will change so much during the decade that we cannot even imagine it. After interviewing 65 AI experts from Britain and Japan, the report says that there will be no need for workers in stores by the end of this decade. Shopping time will also be reduced by 60 percent.

Through AI, robots will do everything from shop-mall and security to billing, cleaning and storage. Most of the house work will be automated. Experts say that robots will do 39 percent of household chores such as cleaning, washing dishes, and cooking. However, care for children and the elderly is not expected to get much help from AI until the end of this decade.

Ekaterina Hartug, a professor of AI and Society at Oxford University, says – In this era of smart technology, privacy is the biggest question mark. Automation devices like Alexa record everything. Everything from conversation to movement is being monitored. As AI technology becomes smarter, our privacy is at risk. By the end of this decade, it will be difficult for people to protect their privacy.

She says – this is an attack on privacy, for which the society is not ready. But Hartug also says that this will increase the level of equality between men and women in the society. She gives the example of Japan and says that women do five times more unpaid housework than men. Because of this, they don’t have free time.

According to another report, all over the world, women have not been able to progress as much as men because of housework. In a smart home, women will have as much free time as men, which will bring equality in the society.

Hartug says that even if AI is so effective, it will not be accessible to everyone. AI technology will take time to become affordable. By the end of this decade it will be so expensive that only a few wealthy people in the world will be able to use it. Most smart technology will be beyond the reach of ordinary people. This report has been published in the research magazine Plus One.

All the food is prepared by a robot chef in the Zagreb restaurant in the European country of Croatia. The food made by this robot is very tasty. Only six people are needed for one shift at an Amazon supermarket in New York City, USA. The robot does all the work from billing to storing the goods. Brain surgery is now being done by robots.

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