Coconut sugar is better than sugar


Coconut sugar (coconut sugar) has become popular these days. It is also called coconut palm sugar. Rich in many minerals, this natural sweetness is very beneficial for health.

What is coconut sugar? The sugar produced from the flowers and juice of the coconut tree is called coconut sugar. To make it, a tip of coconut flower is cut and its juice is collected. This juice is kept in a vessel and cooked at low temperature. When it dries and what remains, it is used like coconut sugar.

Benefits: Coconut sugar contains antioxidants, minerals, fiber. It also contains calories. Coconut sugar has less sucrose and fructose than white sugar and is rich in zinc, potassium, calcium, and iron. So it is beneficial. It can be used as a natural sweetener with fruit juice, oats, fruit.

Coconut sugar contains a small amount of insulin and sober fiber, with the help of which the problem of sugar spike is removed. It is also beneficial in diabetes. Blood sugar can be controlled by using coconut sugar. By consuming it, problems like hypoglycemia, dizziness, sweating can also be controlled. Diabetes can also be controlled by consuming coconut sugar. Compared to normal sugar, coconut sugar is considered better and it also helps in weight loss.

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