Copper bottled water should not be kept in the refrigerator

Copper bottled water should not be kept in the refrigerator

Since childhood, we have been hearing that drinking water in copper bottles has many health benefits. Drinking water in a copper vessel is considered very beneficial for stomach health. According to Ayurveda, the use of copper is very beneficial in the treatment of cuts and headaches. Regularly drinking water containing this metal makes the body feel very energetic. It also removes toxins from the body. But drinking water in a bottle made of this metal is more beneficial in winter than in summer. Because in summer, people keep copper bottles in the refrigerator to boil water. Then they drink that water. Doing so can be dangerous for health.

Ayurvedacharya of BHU Dr. Ajay Yadav says about this – Antibacterial properties are found in copper utensils. Keeping water in this metal vessel for a long time destroys the bacteria in it. Then we drink that water, which benefits our health. But in summer season, you should not fill water in a copper bottle and keep it in the refrigerator. By doing this, the antibacterial property of the pot becomes inactive, so that when we drink that water, it can cause harm to our health.

Copper metal is hot in nature, so water kept in it is more beneficial in winter than in summer. Copper bottle water should be drunk at room temperature. Copper water should not be drunk more than two/three glasses a day because its nature is very hot and may cause health problems. If you keep a copper vessel or bottle in the refrigerator for four/five days, excessive copper leakage cannot occur. Similarly, storing water in steel, copper, clay and plastic materials is always harmful. By collecting water in soil for a long time, germs and bacteria automatically develop in it. In Ayurveda, water should be stored according to room temperature. Cold water stored in copper, steel or plastic bottles in the refrigerator can harm health.

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