Dangerous plasma coming out of the sun

Dangerous plasma coming out of the sun

The sun is always moving. Giant plasma is coming out from the surface of the sun, which looks like a waterfall. Astrographer Eduardo Schauberger Popeu, who took pictures of space, took a picture of it. In the picture he took on March 9, a wall of plasma can be seen on the sun. It has reached about 100,000 kilometers above the surface. After that, the plasma has returned to the surface, it is called a waterfall. According to scientists, the plasma fell at a speed of 36 thousand kilometers per hour.

This plasma of the sun is very hot and rises from the sun and rises towards space. When it is near the Sun’s pole, the magnetic field is so strong that instead of going towards space, it turns back towards the Sun. The sun is now at its peak activity, because the sun is now in its cycle. Almost every decade, the magnetic pole of the Sun changes its position. Apart from this, sunspots on the sun also decrease. At the beginning of each solar cycle, the Sun’s magnetic field is relatively quiet and the number of sunspots is reduced. As the cycle progresses, the magnetic field becomes more complex.

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