Desire to be single after age 40


Loneliness is increasing in stressed people while on the other hand some people want to be alone. Being alone does not mean being a victim of loneliness. According to statistics from the Pew Research Center, 40 percent of adults in the United States alone are currently living alone. Half of them do not want to date or be in a casual relationship with anyone.

In 1990, the number of single adults in the United States was 29 percent. Thirty-nine percent of adults who were single due to divorce were not included in the study. Jack Macdonald, professor of psychology at the University of Toronto, says in his research – after the age of 40, men’s desire for solitude increases. They are happier. By this age, most married men lose their friends. Both friendships and happiness levels of those living alone increase.

Bela Depaulo, a 69-year-old social psychologist living in St. Barbara, says – the more ambitious people are, the more they want to be alone. Especially women. I spent my whole life alone. A few days ago I thought of living with someone but I realized that being alone is worthwhile. This is my freedom and identity.

Professor Macdonald says – we are collecting the stories of people who live alone and trying to find out why the desire to be alone is increasing and whether they continue to be a punching bag for almost every society in the world. Marriage has been going on for decades. Marriage is no longer mandatory for creating a family, nor for financial stability.

Macdonald says that research so far has shown that people in romantic relationships live better lives than those who live alone. They are more happy and satisfied with their lives. Several studies have also shown that those who are not married have worse physical and mental health than those who have never been in a relationship.

According to a research report published in 2022, freedom is the biggest reason for living alone. Being alone can give you more time for yourself. They can achieve their goals without interruption. Many studies have said that people who live alone can help their parents and siblings more. The social circle of a single person is also large.

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