Destroy the spy balloon


The US Air Force has shot down the Chinese spy balloon that has been hovering over the US for eight days. On the order of US President Joe Biden, the American F-22 fighter pilot struck the balloon. After it was destroyed, Biden thanked the pilot. China has expressed its anger towards this action of America. It is said that America has violated international rules by destroying the balloon.

On January 28, the balloon entered the American airport area. It was then seen flying over Montana on February 3. This is a nuclear missile site of America. The military suspected that the balloon was spying. The information here is reaching China. That is why they monitored it.

It is said that a diplomatic crisis has arisen between the two countries after China’s spy balloon arrived in the US sky. China says that what the US calls an intelligence-gathering spy balloon is just a civilian airship that has strayed from its fixed route. It is used only for weather information.

When the balloon was flying at an altitude of 60,000-65,000 feet, it was hit by an American F-22 fighter jet. The Pentagon is trying to remove its remains from the sea.

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