Digital detox

Digital detox

In the world of smartphones and technology, digital detox should be done to avoid mobile addiction. In this, people should distance themselves from mobile and social media for a certain period of time, but according to experts, it is not easy to overcome this addiction through digital detox. You have to find another way to get rid of it.

Marc Beniop, Chief Executive of Salesforce, went on a 10-day digital detox. He told the New York Times, “We’ve become addicted to smart devices and I’m feeling good about giving them up.” Nicole Kair, the author of the book ‘The Shallows’, says – digital detox is like getting rid of addiction.

Sujung-Ki Pang, who writes about keeping oneself away from digital devices, says that it is not enough to distance oneself from the phone for a few days. The pain is greater than that, because after being away from the device for 10 days, you have to come back again on the 11th day. In this case, it is necessary to be cautious on the 11th day. After reviewing 21 studies of digital detox, it was found that in some cases the results were quite opposite.

But mostly mixed results emerged. A decade ago, keeping distance from technology was not uncommon, but today the situation has changed. Even vacationers rely on phones for documents and pictures for peace of mind.

According to University of California neurology professor Adam Gazley, digital detox requires daily distance from it. For this you have to keep the notification off. When it is not needed, the phone should be kept at a certain distance from you.

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