Do not comb wet hair


Nutritious food and good shampoo are not enough for hair care. You should also know how to draw moss. Some people use kayo on their hair immediately after taking a shower, which causes them to lose a lot of hair. According to experts, wet hair should never be combed, as this will cause hair breakage and hair loss. Also, if you don’t use tea in your hair for a long time, it causes tea and hair loss. When combing the hair, the blood circulation in the scalp is better, which makes the hair stronger and grow.

The roots of wet hair are weak, using hair without drying it will cause stress on the roots, causing the hair to become weak and break and fall out. In addition, the softness of the hair is also lost. This causes the problem of frizziness and dryness. This is why hair should be drawn only after drying.

For healthy hair, you should use it twice a day. A good option is to use kayo before washing your hair. It does not tangle the hair. After using shampoo, hair should be left in the open air and hair softening serum should be used.

You should never force the use of moss on the hair, it should be drawn slowly. When drawing the hair, the hair should be divided into two parts and drawn. The moss must have thick teeth. Fine-toothed moss damages the hair.

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