Do not make these mistakes after eating


We all focus on our diet to stay healthy. But just paying attention to food is not enough. Rather, how we take our food is also very important. Many times we eat healthy food and after eating we make small mistakes, which adversely affect our health.

For example, after eating, you feel very sleepy or want to drink a cup of tea. We may not see any harm in it, but due to these small mistakes, our body cannot absorb the nutrients from the food. In such a situation, our health suffers a lot. So, let’s talk about some mistakes that we often make, which should not be done after eating.

Don’t make the mistake of sleeping

We feel very sleepy after eating. In such a situation, we go to sleep immediately after eating. But it is not considered appropriate to do so. If you sleep immediately after eating, you do not get a chance to digest the food properly. Because of this we may have problems like indigestion, flatulence, acidity and heart burn.

Let’s not smoke

Smoking is not considered good for health. But if we smoke after eating, it can prove to be more dangerous for our health. It is said that smoking after eating is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes. So it is better to give up the habit of smoking completely.

Do not shower immediately after eating

This is also a very important information, which we should pay attention to. We may not know, but taking a bath after eating food disturbs the digestive process. Instead of helping digestion while taking a bath, the accumulated blood around the stomach reaches other parts of the body to digest food. Due to which food is very difficult to digest.

Let’s not eat fruit

It is also not considered good to eat fruits after meals. In fact, different foods are digested at different speeds. If we eat fruits first, they are much easier to digest. But if you eat fruits after a meal, there is difficulty in the digestive process. Therefore, fruits should be eaten one hour before or two hours after eating. Eating fruits immediately after meals does not digest properly.

Let’s not drink tea

Maybe some of us are tea lovers and like to drink tea for breakfast or after dinner. But doing so is not good for health. Tea affects our digestive process. If we eat protein in food, the acid in the tea hardens the protein content, making it difficult to digest. Drinking tea immediately after eating also hinders the absorption of iron in the body. So let’s avoid tea one hour before and after eating.

Let’s not drink water

Drinking water is considered very good for health. But you should not drink water after eating food. Drinking water after eating food weakens the digestive system. When you drink water immediately, the nutrients in the food mix with the water and come out with the urine. In this way, eating healthy food does not benefit the body.

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