Do you want to type fluently in Nepali?


If you want to, then this article is for you. Stream Effect If you want to write or type fluently speaking fluently, you first need to plug in a microphone or headphones to your laptop or computer. Then give access to the microphone or headphones.

Then open chrome browser.

Click on the link given below.

Then install the plugin given above.

After installation follow the instructions as mentioned in the plugin.

Then Easy Nepali Typing websites can be beneficial for you.

After reaching this website, the mic icon should be red in the google chrome extension.

Then you can type Nepali Sarr by speaking into the mic.

To make all this typing easier for you, you should use Google Input Tool.

Nepali language should be selected in it.

In this, if you have typed a wrong word while speaking, you can edit it with the help of the keyboard.

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