Does drinking hot water lose weight?


Drinking water has many benefits. It helps in maintaining good health of skin, muscles, bones, joints etc. and helps body cells to absorb nutrients and protect against infection.

Not only this, drinking hot water once or twice a day has other benefits. For example, to lose weight. Many advise drinking hot water to lose weight. Let’s know how beneficial hot water is for weight loss.

Does drinking hot water lose weight?

Research has shown that if we drink more water, it makes us feel fuller and helps us lose weight. It helps the body absorb nutrients and eliminate waste products. A study published in 2003 found that drinking hot water causes weight loss faster than cold water.

How it works

Researchers have found that drinking 500 ml of warm water before eating can increase metabolism by up to 30 percent. If we increase the water temperature to 98.6 degrees, the metabolism increases by 30-40 percent and the metabolism can increase by 40 percent.

What is the temperature?

If we don’t like to drink hot water, let’s keep the water temperature slightly higher than the body temperature. It may be suitable for weight loss or other benefits. Drinking too much hot water can burn us or damage our internal organs.

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