Dogflu could become a new challenge


According to a Chinese study, dogflu can pose a challenge to humans after the corona epidemic. It is said that the so-called dog flu can infect humans. The H3N2 avian influenza virus (which is highly contagious and fatal in birds) was also found in dogs in 2006.

According to a study published in eLife by a scientist from the Agricultural University of China, this human-like receptor is being stabilized for proper recognition and it is possible that humans can also be infected by it. The study said, “Our results show that canine influenza viruses can act as mediators in human transmission.” The study warns that it can spread to humans from dogs whose immunity is weak. Bird flu spreads rapidly in bird populations, but without the ability to successfully infect animals, human-to-human transmission has so far been of relatively little concern. While it is a danger to humans that they come in contact with bird flu.

Dogflu is a viral disease that spreads in dogs. This disease is a type of influenza virus, which can make people who live and come in contact with dogs sick. The symptoms of this disease can be fever, cough, soreness, fatigue and pain. This disease lasts from a few days to a few weeks and requires hospitalization for treatment.

A national (A) class daily newspaper published from Birganj

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