Don’t squeeze the lemon and throw the peel in the garbage


We all know the benefits of lemon. It is very useful for our skin, hair and gut health. No matter how sour its juice may seem, it is no less than medicine. When we squeeze it, we often throw its peel into the dustbin as a waste, but once we know its benefits, we won’t make the mistake of throwing it away again.

Benefits of lemon peel

Lemon peel contains important nutrients like vitamins, fiber, potassium, magnesium and calcium, which benefit our body in many ways.

Antioxidants are found in lemon peel, which benefits the body externally and internally. Eating lemon peel increases immunity. Lemon peel has anti-bacterial properties, which provides relief from tooth and mouth problems.

How to use lemon peel

Lemon peel can be cut into small pieces and mixed with vegetables, drinks or salads. Many dishes can be made from lemon peel by squeezing it and putting it in olive oil. Lemon peel can be used in a mixer to prepare a bread spread.

To clean the kitchen, you can use baking soda on lemon peel to clean gas and slabs. Apart from baking soda, its bark can also be mixed with vinegar.

If insects and spiders stick to our body more during the rainy season, lemon peel should be applied to the body.

If there is a smell coming from any corner of the kitchen, put a lemon peel there, the smell will disappear.

Mixing honey with lemon peel makes the face soft. And its peel can also be used to prepare a face mask.

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