Drink Gagro water in summer

Drink Gagro water in summer

Everyone likes to drink cold water in summer. For this, refrigerator is used in most of the houses these days. But do we know that cold water from the refrigerator is harmful to health?

It can cause many types of health problems. In such a situation, instead of drinking water from the refrigerator, drink water kept in a clay pot to quench your thirst in summer. According to Ayurveda, the water of Gagro is like nectar. The water in Gagro is naturally cold, which is very beneficial for our health. Also, there are many such elements in the soil, which have the ability to fight against many types of diseases. These problems in the body will be removed by drinking the water of Gogro in summer.

Protection from heat

Drinking the water kept in the gagro in summer helps to avoid heat. Gagro water helps maintain the level of minerals and glucose in the body. It provides coolness to the body and also protects it from heat related diseases.

Keeps the digestive system healthy

Gagro water is also beneficial for the stomach. The water kept in the clay pot is naturally alkaline, which helps to maintain the pH balance. Digestive problems like gas, constipation and acidity in the stomach can be relieved by drinking Gagro water on a daily basis.

Increases metabolism

Plastic utensils contain harmful chemicals like BPA, which are harmful to health. Water kept in plastic containers disrupts hormones, which slows down metabolism and increases weight. While the water kept in the soil tank does not contain any harmful chemicals. Drinking Gagro water increases the metabolism of the body.

Good for throat

Drinking cold water can cause problems like sore throat and cold. While the water of Gagro is not very hot, it does not harm the throat. Patients with cold, cough and asthma should drink water from the gagro instead of cold water from the refrigerator. It does not cause any kind of problem related to throat.

Reduces pain

Drinking the water of Gagro removes the problem of body pain. Clay has anti-inflammatory properties. Which helps reduce pain, cramps and swelling. Drinking gagro water is also beneficial in rheumatism.

However, we should definitely clean the gutters regularly.

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