Eating too much of three things can lead to bone fractures in old age

Eating too much of three things can lead to bone fractures in old age

The entire base of our body rests only on the bones. If the bones are weak, it is difficult to do any work properly.

Bone growth usually stops after the age of 20. After this, there is no leakage of nutrients from the bones, for this a nutritious diet is necessary. Calcium, vitamin ‘D’ are very important elements for strengthening bones. But if our diet starts to deteriorate, then in old age, the nutrients start leaking from the bones and due to this, the bones start to weaken. This results in bone fractures or osteoporosis. Men over the age of 60 and women after menopause are at a higher risk of fracture.

The British Ministry of Health website cites a research saying that if you eat more foods rich in vitamin ‘A’ in youth, the risk of bone fractures in old age will increase significantly. This is the reason why some people get osteoporosis after old age. After menopause, the risk of bone fractures increases significantly in women. Therefore, it is advised to have a limited intake of vitamin ‘A’ in youth. These three foods increase the risk of bone fractures.

1. Liver of animals – Maximum vitamin ‘A’ is found in the liver of animals. It contains twice as much vitamin A as we need. Therefore, it is said not to consume liver more than once a week. High consumption of liver increases the risk of bone fractures in old age many times.

2. Cod liver oil – Some fish are very oily. The liver of a big fish is also big. Vitamin ‘A’ is found in abundance in the oil extracted from fish liver. Therefore, you should not eat a lot of liver oil from such fish. Nowadays, some people also take fish liver oil as a supplement. Cod liver oil increases the risk of osteoporosis later on.

3. Eggs – Young people eat a lot of eggs for muscle development. Don’t eat too many eggs every day. Eggs are rich in vitamin A. Therefore, you should not eat more than two or three eggs a day.

How much vitamin ‘A’ is required daily?

Adults should not consume more than 1.5 milligrams or 1500 micrograms of vitamin A in a day. We get a lot of vitamin ‘A’ from our daily food. Therefore, animal liver, fish liver oil, eggs should not be consumed excessively to get vitamin ‘A’.

What to eat instead of liver?

Apart from animal liver, there are many things, by consuming which the requirement of vitamin ‘A’ can be easily met. For vitamin ‘A’, green vegetables, spinach, carrots, sweet potatoes, yellow fruits like mangoes, nuts etc. should be consumed more.

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