Ending Diabetes with Intermittent Fasting


Intermittent fasting is in trend these days and many people are using it to reduce obesity. Intermittent fasting is said to reduce obesity. A new study says that intermittent fasting almost completely eliminates the risk of type 2 diabetes. Intermittent fasting involves not eating anything for a certain period of time.

In this study in Australia, two types of diets were analyzed. Intermittent fasting reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes by 60%. University of Adelaide professor Leonie Heilbrown says that the risk of type-2 diabetes can be reduced to a great extent by a time-restricted diet or intermittent diet.

According to the Global Diabetes Community, Professor Leoni says – the participants in the study were made to fast three days a week and during this time they only ate twice. First time at 8 am and second time at 12 pm. After that, their ability to digest glucose increased many times after 6 months. While people who took low calorie diet, this was not seen in them.

In intermittent fasting, it was found that insulin sensitivity increased in them and the amount of fat in the blood also decreased. On the other hand, there was no change in the behavior of insulin in people who took low calories.

Two hundred people participated in the study for 18 months. In this, two groups of people who took intermittent fasting and low calorie were made to participate. Weight loss was observed equally in both groups. Leading researcher Xiao Tiog said, this is the largest study in the world so far. It shows how glucose is used after eating and what kind of process takes place in the body. This is known as an indicator of diabetes. Eating time and fasting advice have a very positive effect on health. It can have many effects in the treatment of pre-diabetes. He said that more studies are needed on this matter.

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