Excessive heat damages mobile batteries

Excessive heat damages mobile batteries

Tantlapur does not like to go anywhere in the sun. Hot sun is dangerous not only for our skin but also for mobile battery. Excessive heat is not good for the phone battery, so it should be protected from heat.

According to the report, excessive heat will quickly de-energize the phone’s battery, while the battery may be damaged due to high heat. So too much heat and too much heat is not good for mobile battery. According to the Apple company, the operating temperature of its device is between 32 and 95 degrees. According to Apple, mobiles and other devices are designed to work between 16 and 22 degrees Celsius. Therefore, it should not be kept at a temperature of more than 35 degrees. This can damage the battery.

Samsung, Google and OnePlus phones are also like this. Therefore, in order not to overheat the mobile phone, you should turn off the notification and location service while going out, and do not even play games. Do not talk on the phone for a long time in the hot sun. If the phone is regularly exposed to high heat, the battery’s ability to hold a charge decreases. Mobile should not be charged at high temperature. If the phone is too hot, you should take measures to cool it down.

A national (A) class daily newspaper published from Birganj

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