Eyes tell a lot about heart disease



You can know about the personality of a person by looking at his eyes. That is why it is said that deep secrets are hidden in the eyes. The doctor first looks at the patient’s eyes by lighting a torch. Whenever there is any kind of problem in the heart, then the signs of it start appearing in the eyes. Heart is a very important organ for our life. The heart is like a pumping machine and pumps blood throughout the body. When something affects the heart, then the flow of blood affects it and this effect starts to be seen in the eyes.

According to the World Health Organization, about 1.79 million people die every year due to heart-related diseases, i.e. cardiovascular diseases. If there is a problem in the heart, the eyesight can also go. Therefore, if such signs are seen, heart treatment should be done. Because blood pressure is high, eye veins can be damaged.

1) High blood pressure – According to the University of Chicago, when there is high blood pressure, then the blood pressure also increases as opposed to the blood vessels. In this situation, retinopathy can occur in the eyes. This can lead to blood coming from the veins of the eye. Swelling around the eyes. Blood clots begin to form. The optic nerve may be torn and eventually the eyesight may be lost.

2. Retinal shrinkage: When atherosclerotic heart disease occurs, macular degeneration begins in the eyes. This is a disease in which the retina begins to dry. The eyesight can go completely due to this.

3) Cataracts: Some studies have found evidence that heart disease can also cause cataracts. According to one study, cataract surgery has the highest risk of death from heart attack and stroke.

4) Arterial Blockage: When plaque starts to build up in the arteries of the heart, blood flow to the eyes is reduced. This can destroy the retina and result in blindness.

5) Accumulation of fat around the eyes: When bad cholesterol starts accumulating in the arteries of the heart, fat accumulates around the eyes through the blood vessels. It begins to surround the eyes.

You should consult a doctor immediately after getting any signs of heart problems. You should improve your routine, exercise, eat right. Eating green vegetables, processed food, alcohol, red meat, cigarettes etc. should not be consumed.

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