How strong is the skin of a rhinoceros?


Rhinoceros is a powerful creature and if it gets angry, it can destroy everything. There are five species of rhinoceros in the world. Some have one horn and some have two horns. The average weight of a rhinoceros is more than 1000 kg. A healthy rhino can weigh up to 3500 kg. Among the animals living in the forest, after the elephant, the rhinoceros is the most powerful. It is six feet tall and about 11 feet long.

It is said about the rhinoceros that its skin is so thick that even bullets do not affect it and bulletproof jackets are made from its skin. But this is a myth. The skin of the rhinoceros has several layers and is very thick and strong. The skin of a rhinoceros is up to two inches thick. A small bullet cannot penetrate it. For example, 2.34, 2.7 and 3 mm bullets have no effect, but AK-47 bullets can penetrate the skin of a rhinoceros. That is why those who hunt for rhino horns use AK-47 rifles. The bullet coming out of it is 700 meters per second. A rhinoceros’s skin cannot protect it from bullets fired at such a speed. A rhino is not afraid of fire.

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