How to eat mango?


Mango has a different role in summer season. The taste of mango is so sweet that no one can refuse to eat it.

The practice of eating mangoes has been going on since ancient times. Whenever mangoes come to our house, they are first soaked in water for some time. Why is this done? Let’s learn about it today.

Mango traders mix some chemicals to ripen the mangoes ahead of time to send them to the market. We think what happens if we eat mangoes without soaking them in water for some time? But if we eat mango without soaking it in water, we can get sores on our face and body. Apart from this, stomach problems can also occur. Like constipation, acidity. Why soak mangoes in water before eating?

1. Pesticides come out

Many types of pesticides and chemicals are used in mangoes. In this case, these drugs and chemicals can cause problems related to the digestive system. Eating mango directly without soaking it in water can cause headache, constipation and other problems. These are very harmful and can cause skin, eye irritation and allergies. Therefore, mango should be soaked in water and eaten.

2. The heat of mango is reduced

Soaking mangoes in water helps to reduce the heat in them. If eaten without soaking in water for some time, pimples may appear on the face. Apart from this, nausea and vomiting may be a problem. Therefore, to reduce the heat of mangoes, they should be soaked for at least 25 to 30 minutes before eating.

3. Phytic acid is released

Mangoes contain a naturally occurring substance called phytic acid, which is considered an antinutrient. Phytic acid prevents the absorption of minerals such as calcium, iron, and zinc, which can lead to mineral deficiency in the body. In this case, soaking the mangoes in water for a few hours also helps to remove the phytic acid.

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