I am satisfied with we-our rather than mine



In the life of any person, his family, friends and relatives are the closest. No matter what kind of relationship it is, there are many things to keep in mind, especially in the relationship between husband and wife.

According to a recent psychological study on private conversations, instead of using singular words like I and mine, using plural words like we and ours leads to life satisfaction. The relationship is strong. Researchers have named it V-Talk. For a long time, researchers have been researching the difference between husbands and wives who use plural and singular words to communicate about life experiences.

According to the research, every person’s thinking and nature is different, but everyone walks in balance with each other at home. Many times, when the behavior is very different and the thinking is not compatible with each other, the relationship deteriorates and breaks up. So by doing V-Talk, the message goes to our brain that both husband and wife are not separate units but one.

The result is that the relationship lasts for a long time and many times the feelings of both of them start matching. Like if the husband is in pain, the wife can understand it. Thus, the results of V-talk have been seen. V-Talk also has an effect on child rearing. Due to this, polite language is developed in the child. Analysis by a computer program on V-Talk showed improvement in relationships over six to 12 months and improved offspring.

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