In summer, the mobile phone may burn

In summer, the mobile phone may burn

There are many cases of broken mobile phones during the summer season. When there is more heat, it affects the mobile phone. In summer, if there is a problem of mobile heating, then you should take care.

Do not expose to the sun: As we look for shade to avoid heat, similarly the phone should be protected from heat. The mobile phone should never be placed in the sun because the sunlight can make it even hotter. Even at home, the phone should be kept or used in a cool place.

Mobile cover: Mobile cover keeps our mobiles safe. Although mobile cover is useful in winter, mobile cover should be used cautiously in summer. When using a mobile phone at home or office, it should be removed. The heat and on top of that the mobile cover can make the mobile even hotter.

Brightness Mobile has auto brightness feature. When we go out in the sun, we increase the brightness of the mobile phone. Excessive brightness can affect not only the mobile phone, but also the eyes. Therefore, if you use it with low brightness, it will also reduce the battery usage and the mobile device will not heat up too much.

Do not use the phone continuously: If you use your phone continuously for a long time in summer, it may heat up and burn. So the mobile should be operated with rest and kept in airplane mode for some time.

Keeping fast charging slow: Today’s smartphones have a fast charging option. Many phones charge 50% in 10 minutes. Fast charging is also not considered good by anyone. The phone heats up due to fast charging. Super-fast charging, even with ultra-fast charging, the phone heats up.

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