Increased cholesterol also causes red eyes

Increased cholesterol also causes red eyes

Due to wrong diet and routine, everyone, young and old, has the problem of increasing cholesterol. If bad cholesterol is not controlled, it can lead to heart attack and heart disease. According to Dr. Ajay Kumar, a senior physician in Delhi, cholesterol is a type of fat that is of two categories, one is good and the other is bad. If bad fat starts to accumulate in the veins, this is a sign of increased bad cholesterol. According to experts, the level of cholesterol in our body should be less than 200 mg/dL. If the level increases beyond this, the disease is certain to occur. When the veins are blocked, the blood flow is not proper and can lead to heart attack.

Dr. Ajay says – if your eyes are often red and itchy, then the level of cholesterol has increased. Symptoms like fatigue, vomiting, sometimes chest pain indicate that the cholesterol level is disturbed. Apart from this, swollen feet and yellow nails are also symptoms.

According to experts, cholesterol should be checked once at the age of 9. Cholesterol should be checked every five years after that. Regular checkups, healthy diet, low oil diet and exercise can keep the disease away.

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