Lowest divorce rate in India


India is at the top among the countries that maintain family system and values. Divorce cases in India are only one percent, while there are many countries where the divorce rate is as high as 94 percent. According to World of Statistics, the incidence of divorce is low in Asian countries, while families in Europe and America are the most dispersed.

According to the report, Vietnam ranks second after India. Here only 7% divorce happens. Then 10% divorce in Tajikistan, 14% in Iran and 17% in Mexico.

Among the countries with the lowest divorce rates are Egypt, South Africa, Brazil, Turkey and Colombia. Pakistan is not included in the report. In Japan, 35 percent of divorce occurs. Apart from this, 38 percent of divorces occur in Germany and 41 percent in Britain. Similarly, 44 percent of divorces occur in China, 45 percent in America, 46 percent in Denmark, South Korea and Italy.

Europe is the last to build relationships. Up to 94% of divorces occur in Portugal. In addition, 85 percent of divorces occur in Spain and 79 percent in Luxembourg. In Russia, 73 percent of divorces occur, while in Ukraine, 70 percent of marriages break up.

According to sociologists, the reason why relationships last for a long time in India is the cultural aspect, in which the family system is emphasized. Also, a large number of divorce cases in India do not go through the legal process and the husband and wife live apart. Due to which the data does not come to light. However, divorce cases in India are very less compared to other countries.

A national (A) class daily newspaper published from Birganj

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