One should hope for a better life


One should be optimistic to live a good life even at the triple digit age (100 years). Don’t get stuck in the past. You should always continue to write experiences in the diary. You will not be deprived of this wonderful art. Dance as long as you like, with full enthusiasm, always happy and alert, so that you are aware of everything that happens around you.

More than a hundred centurians have given suggestions based on their experience to live a healthy life. 102-year-old Edward Toms, who was a colonel in the British Army, said, “You must have a cheerful demeanor, clear feelings and the ability to laugh at yourself.” One should never be unhappy because there is so much happiness available to be enjoyed. But from time to time you have to live alone.”

106-year-old actress Amelia Mendel says – I have never felt old because of an interesting life. I have very good memories. 101-year-old Fernando Caivio, who is a winemaker, says – I read every day. When you read, you learn new things and get curious. We must move forward, otherwise we become lazy.

Be patient and don’t stress. 106-year-old John Urquhart says – travel abroad if you can. Look at other countries and the way people live there. Learn a new language. Urquhart speaks German and French. He passed his A-level in German in his 80s.

Centenary-year-old Peter Whiteley, who has been a director of the company, says – Always keep yourself in balance, smile when you get the chance. Let’s keep our eyes open and see what is happening around. Let’s not run after money, let’s find small happiness.

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