Pregnant women should not take paracetamol


It is said in medical science that no medicine should be used without necessity. It is forbidden to take most of the medicines without the advice of a doctor. However, most people take medicine without consulting a doctor.

Paracetamol is the first in the list. Mild fever, headache or people take paracetamol without doctor’s advice. However, there is no need to take paracetamol if you have a mild fever. As a result, the natural process of the body affects the immune system and paracetamol does not work when this drug is actually needed.

In the news of Daily Mail, scientists have warned that pregnant women using paracetamol may hinder the development of the fetus. This can cause many types of disorders in the fetus. Dozens of studies have linked paracetamol to attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, autism, language problems in girls, and lower IQ.

Analyzing many researches, Danish researchers have said that taking paracetamol during pregnancy can stop the development of the fetus. Looking at the side effects of paracetamol, researchers have alerted expectant mothers that paracetamol should be taken in accordance with the doctor’s advice in special circumstances. Use of paracetamol during pregnancy can cause neurological disorders in children. Under the leadership of Dr. Kevin Christensen of the University of Copenhagen, a study was conducted on how paracetamol affects humans and animals. The conclusion of the study is that using paracetamol during pregnancy will affect the child’s mental ability, their learning ability will be affected.

91 scientists from around the world have warned that paracetamol should not be used during pregnancy. 65 percent of women in America use some type of medication during pregnancy. Most of these women had to bear the loss. Expressing concern about this matter, 91 scientists have warned women who are going to be mothers not to do this. The scientist gave this advice in the report of Nature Review Endocrinology Journal. In research, the use of paracetamol can cause reproductive and urogenital disorders in children. In this disease, the child’s urethra does not open properly. There is also a risk of testicular cancer in some cases.

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