Saturn has 145 moons


An international team of astronomers has discovered 62 new moons orbiting Saturn, bringing the total number of moons to 145. In the race for the number of moons in the solar system, Saturn once again surpassed Jupiter and reached the first place.

Researchers at the University of British Columbia (UBC) said the new discovery means Saturn has overtaken Jupiter, which has 95 known moons.

In the Guardian’s report, UBC Astronomer Professor Brett Gladman said – Saturn’s number of moons has not only doubled, but now it has more moons than all the other planets in the solar system. Saturn’s new moons will later be named after Gaelic, Norse, and Canadian Inuit deities. All new moons are irregular moons. The orbit of an irregular moon is larger, elliptical and inclined than that of a regular moon. The number of known irregular moons of Saturn has more than doubled to 121. Saturn has 24 regular moons.

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