The brain also clears toxins


If your mind is also tired of swimming in the ocean of thoughts all day? According to a new study, to eliminate mental fatigue, the brain cleans the toxic substances inside itself, that is, it is said that the brain has a flush system. According to new research, the use of a certain type of visual stimulation helps the brain clean out the accumulated waste. This news comes from Boston University, where a study was conducted.

According to the New Scientist report, the brain’s disposal system can be activated by initiating severe neural activity. That is, if we give a stimulating effect to the brain, it will throw out the toxic substances inside the brain. Similarly, the study also states that during sleep, the brain flushes out the useless substances inside it. Scientists say, surprisingly, the brain can do this work even when a person is awake. A special type of fluid flow was found in the brain, which is called cerebrospinal fluid. A related discovery was also made in 2012. In which this fluid works for the disposal system of the brain, which is sent to the brain and exits through the microscopic tube. It was named glymphatic system. In this regard, research says, this liquid removes some harmful substances from the brain, which are believed to be the cause of disorders like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. These include beta amyloid and alpha synuclein.

Mr. Luce’s team related to the study used different tools and scanning technology for this. Twenty volunteers were involved in the research, and a screen was placed in front of them. When they saw a visual pattern on the screen, their circulation intensified. When the screen went black, blood flow again decreased and cerebrospinal fluid flow to the brain increased. Scientists are still researching this and trying to understand the mechanism of fluid. It may be possible to quickly activate the brain’s flush out system even during waking hours.

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