The prisoner was eaten by a vulture


A surprising incident has come to light in Atlanta prison in America. In one of the jails here, a prisoner has died due to the bite of insects and mosquitoes. The family of the deceased prisoner claimed that worms and ants ate the man alive in the jail cell and he died.

According to a BBC report, Lashon Thompson was sentenced after being found guilty of rape. He was held in a general jail for a few days, but after a judge declared the man mentally ill, he was shifted to the psychiatric wing of the Fulton County Jail.

Along with the family, the lawyer of the deceased, Michael D. Harper, claims that the prisoner was not cared for properly, he was treated worse than an animal. In the barracks where Lashon was kept, no animals can be kept there. The lawyer blamed the jail administration and demanded legal action. During this time, Thompson’s family’s lawyer has released a picture of his body. In the picture, millions of worms and insects can be seen on his dead body.

The lawyer told the media about the incident – Thompson was murdered in a way, he was tortured and killed, he did not deserve this kind of death. No sick animal can be kept in the dungeon where he was kept.

The prison administration said in its acquittal that Thompson was arrested only three months ago. He was found unconscious in the jail cell. In the medical report, it is said that efforts were made to save him but he could not be saved. The prison administration has admitted that there are vermin and vermin in the barracks.

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