There are five types of hypertension

There are five types of hypertension

In the modern lifestyle, most of the people have increased blood pressure. Due to high blood pressure, heart, brain, kidney and other types of risk increases. According to the World Health Organization, 1.28 billion people worldwide have BP, but 46 percent do not know they have high blood pressure.

It is known that someone has high blood pressure only when other problems are treated. According to WHO, about 700 million people do not get blood pressure treatment. They are not ready to admit that they have high blood pressure. Blood pressure is the cause of death of 75 million people in the world. If known in time, the death due to this can be reduced. Therefore, it is important to understand what blood pressure is and how many types there are.

According to the report, if the upper blood pressure is 140, then it can be called high BP, but in the context of India, it has a different standard. According to Indian Guideline of Hypertension-4, if the upper blood pressure is 140 and the lower is 90, it is high BP. However, other agencies consider high BP if it is above 130 and below 80.

Types of high BP:

1) Primary Hypertension – In the news of HT, Senior Diabetologist and RSSDI President Dr BM Makkad says – Primary hypertension does not show any symptoms. That’s why Indians are ignorant of BP. According to the Ministry of Health of India, the risk of primary hypertension is higher in people suffering from diabetes and obesity, people suffering from heart-related diseases, smokers and elderly people over 60 years of age. So BP should be checked from time to time.

2) Secondary Hypertension – When BP suddenly increases due to known reasons, it is secondary hypertension. This can be due to obstructive sleep apnea, aldosteronism, renovascular hypertension and kidney disease. 5 to 10 percent of hypertension remains secondary hypertension.

3) Gestational hypertension- When BP is increased in pregnant women, it is called gestational hypertension. It can have a fatal effect on the fetus.

4) White Coat Hypertension – This is a very shocking disease. In this type of hypertension BP remains normal at home or outside but when BP is measured in office it is 20/10 higher than at home. The risk of white coat hypertension is considered to be the highest among Indian youth.

5) Resistance Hypertension – When BP is not normal even after taking three hypertension drugs, it is called resistance hypertension. It increases the risk of damage to the internal organs of the body. Therefore, resistance hypertension is treated. This disease is very dangerous and can even kill.

How to control blood pressure : After high blood pressure, you should contact your doctor immediately and take medicine regularly. After high blood pressure, the kidneys should be examined and treated. Blood pressure should be kept at 80/130 by regular check-ups. Those suffering from diabetes and high blood pressure should monitor their blood sugar and blood pressure 24 hours a day and if it is high, they should immediately contact a doctor and balance their diet. Processed food, packed food, cigarettes, alcohol, fried foods, dairy products should not be consumed. Blood pressure should be balanced by consuming vegetables and exercising according to healthy diet and season.

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