There are more than 19 thousand volcanoes in the sea


70 percent of the earth is water. It is very difficult to find the depth of the sea. It is not easy to tell what is hidden in it. But with the help of modern technology and satellites, scientists have started measuring the depth of the ocean. According to new findings, there are more than 19 thousand volcanoes under the sea. Scientists have discovered rocks under the sea with the help of radar satellites. It is said that there is a volcanic rock inside that rock. According to the Earth and Space Science Journal, scientists have discovered 19,325 new sea rocks on the sea floor using the latest gravity gradient map. There are many types of tectonic features on the sea floor. Here there are volcanic rocks with Takura, Rasalat mountain that is spread for miles, i.e. mountain of immense depth.

It is said about sea rocks that these can be active volcanoes or they can be extinguished. Its height is said to be at least one thousand meters. It is said about its texture that it is made of basalt. While its construction was caused by a volcanic eruption.

A national (A) class daily newspaper published from Birganj

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