These people should not drink mango shake

These people should not drink mango shake

No matter how hot, sweaty or irritable the summer is, many people look forward to the weather. The reason for this is the sweet-sweet mango eaten in summer. Hardly anyone doesn’t like mangoes.

Every season has memories associated with mangoes and people laugh at them. But mango is the most loved fruit by everyone from adults to children and the reason for this is its taste.

Well, many people find its juice or mango shake tastier than its mangoes. From children to adults, everyone drinks mango shake with passion. But do we know, some people should stay away from mango shake. Let us know about this now. Dr Jugalkishore of Safdarjung Hospital in Delhi says – “Pre-diabetic or diabetic patients should not consume mango shake. Dr. Jugal says, “It contains natural sugar and mixing it with refined sugar can cause serious harm to health.” So which person should not eat a shake made of mango and milk.


People who are at high risk of diabetes should be careful when eating mangoes or sweet foods. You should not drink the mango shake available in the market because a lot of sugar is added here to make it tasty. Besides, excessive intake of mango shake can be harmful.


Dr Kishore says that people with diabetes can drink mango shake but in a different way. Mixing sugar and milk in mango shake increases the calories and worsens the sugar level.


According to experts, we should drink fresh mango or its fresh juice. When you cut mangoes and eat them, nutrients like vitamin C, E, A, K and fiber are found in the right amount. But when we make a shake or pickle out of it, it can also be harmful. Excessive consumption of mango shake can make us a victim of obesity.

When the stomach hurts

If someone has a bad stomach, he should cut the mango and eat it, but also keep in mind the limit. In such a situation, the problem may increase.

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