Three quintals of food storage by breaking the wall


Woodpecker is a bird whose beak is very strong. With its help, woodpeckers can make holes in stronger trees and we have all seen it. A woodpecker cartoon has come out of America, in which he has done something different. Not only this, some pictures of this case have also gone viral. This incident is from California, USA. Here a woodpecker made a hole in the wall of a person’s room. The woodpecker made a hole in the wall and stored food that could last him for the next three months. At first, the owner of that house did not know, but after a few days, when he opened the room, he was unconscious.

The householder found out that the food was Kathus, which had been stored by the woodpecker. Perhaps he had stored food for himself, which he could eat for the next three months. Katus is one such fruit, which is also known as acorn. It is found only in some countries of the world.

At present, after the photo of the woodpecker went viral on social media, people have started praising this woodpecker saying that instead of trees, they are now living in people’s houses. But it is not known how many days the woodpecker stored that food and from where it was brought and stored.

A national (A) class daily newspaper published from Birganj

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