Tom Cruise, 60, flew his bike off a mountain


Hollywood superstar Tom Cruise will soon come to Hollywood with his next film ‘Mission: Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part One’. Tom Cruise is known all over the world for his excellent films and acting as well as excellent action.

Actors often do something special for their films, which common people can’t even imagine. Recently, something similar was seen again.

Tom Cruise has done the most dangerous stunt ever for his upcoming film. A stunt that is far from being seen or done, the thought of which can make the ground fall from under one’s feet. A video related to this is also going viral on social media.

This clip of a few seconds is enough to blow anyone’s mind. The most surprising thing is that Tom Cruise did this stunt not only once, but 6/6 times at the same time. In the video, it can be clearly seen how he first climbs the hill by riding a bike at full speed and then jumps without the help of any stuntman.

Although Tom Cruise performed this stunt with the help of a cable, the danger involved can be clearly seen in the video. According to media reports, Tom took base jumping and canopy training to prepare for this stunt. After watching this dangerous stunt of his, the fans have once again been forced to praise Top Cruise.

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