What to do in the current weather?


The weather is changing. It is hot during the day and cold at night. At night you have to wear vinegar and in the morning you have to wear a sweater. In the afternoon, some have started drinking cold drinks. This weather is confusing many people due to which health problems start to arise. Health experts Dr. Balakrishna, Dr. Nidhi Pandey and Dr. Vivek Sharma have suggested what to do in this season.

Most of the people get sick when the weather changes. Because this changes the body temperature and sweat may also come out of the body. As much as sweat comes out, people do not drink water and the body lacks water. After dehydration, you will feel weak and have problems with digestion, constipation etc. Therefore, as soon as the weather changes, the diet should also be changed. In the present weather, flu and cold, indigestion, intestinal infection, constipation, viral fever, fungal infection, bacterial infection and other diseases are common.

To avoid winter, we wear many clothes on our body. We sit covered from head to toe but suddenly it gets hot and if we take off all our clothes and wear light pants, we will definitely get sick. If it is winter-summer season, you should wear clothes that cover your body well. Due to this, the body cannot feel the temperature directly and the effect of weather changes is reduced.

The office room is cold and hot outside, if we take off our warm clothes while going out, there is a possibility of getting sick. Many viruses are active in the months of February-March.

All these viruses are communicative. Therefore, in this season, chicken pox, infection disease is transmitted from one to another. Therefore, one should not go to crowded places, keep distance from children at school, and not eat food sold on the roadside. You should not drink cold water while going out, it may cause cold. In the current weather, you should eat coarse grains, eat less protein foods, eat fruits and green vegetables during the day. In the current weather, fruits, garam masala, green vegetables, etc., containing vitamin C should be consumed.

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