What to eat at Sehri and Iftar?


Now that the month of Ramadan is going on, be it Sehri dishes or Iftar dishes, everyone’s interest is being taken care of at home and new recipes are always being added to the food. According to the Islamic calendar, the fasting of Ramadan sometimes occurs in winter and sometimes in summer. Whether it is short-term fasting or long-term fasting, this question often arises – what to do when you feel thirsty?

This year’s Ramadan falls in the months of March and April. Nowadays it is advised to drink plenty of water along with sukmel, mint and curd during Sehri. By doing this, you will not feel thirsty for 14 hours and you can spend your fast comfortably. Regarding this, Zainab Gayur, a nutritionist at Shifa International Hospital in Islamabad, Pakistan, said: Generally, nutritious food should not be taken during Sehri and Iftar. In addition to traditional dishes, such foods should be included, which give energy throughout the day, curd is at the top of this list.

It is very good to use curd during Sehri. Milk protein, a product made from milk, stays in our stomach for a long time and does not make us feel hungry. Yogurt is low in potassium and sodium, which reduces thirst. He advises not to mix sugar in curd. He said that green sukumel and mint do not quench thirst, but it makes you feel refreshed throughout the day. In order not to feel thirsty during fasting, he advised to eat something with less salt. Advising not to consume pickles during Sehri, he said, pickles are high in salt and it increases thirst and we can become victims of dehydration. He advised to eat light food during Iftar. He said that two/three dates will instantly increase energy and reduce thirst. He advises not to eat starchy foods and said that if you eat such things, the functioning of the stomach and intestines will be affected and the lack of fiber and potassium will cause constipation.

He advised to eat plain water, lassi, lemon water and milkshakes instead of colorful sherbet while breaking fast. According to Gayur, you should increase the amount of salad in your diet. Satuwa sorbet can also be consumed. A balanced diet during Ramadan helps to lose weight, but you should not exercise during fasting because it can cause dehydration in the body. Physical exercise should be done when you can drink water.

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