When did digital marketing start?


Currently, the $450 billion digital marketing industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the world. The beginning of digital marketing is believed to have started in the 1990s, when computer technology developed rapidly and the Internet began. After the advent of the Internet, advertisements were displayed through digital means targeting the millions of users on the Internet. This is considered the beginning of digital marketing.

Until 2020, this industry was progressing slowly, but at that time, the Corona epidemic started. Suddenly all the statistics changed, millions and millions of people sat at home and started buying ration, medicine, food, clothes, electronic equipment etc. online. Thousands of new startups started. Because of which many job opportunities have also arisen in the digital marketing industry. Like Social Media Specialist, Social Media Manager, Web Developer, Content Marketer, PPC Expert, Email Marketer, Digital Marketing Analyst and Web Analyst etc.

Internet Availability: Digital marketing has become very easy due to the availability of internet. People started shopping easily using the internet through their smartphones and computers and became familiar with advertisements.

Increasing Internet consumption: Internet consumption has increased significantly due to smartphones and cheap internet at home. Whether it is entertainment or news or education, everyone has become dependent on the Internet. Because of this, millions of brands and companies are targeting internet users for their business.

Impact of Social Media: Social media has changed the digital marketing field to a great extent. People today are not only using social media to connect with friends and family, but they are also looking for services and products.

High demand: The main reason for the high demand of youth in the digital marketing industry is that this industry is progressing at a very fast pace. Digital marketing is changing the world and young people working in it should have knowledge about new technologies and tools.

Online Shopping: Nowadays people do most of their shopping online. The digital marketing industry has also brought great opportunities for such people. After the corona epidemic, the height of the e-commerce sector is increasing.

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